Soundcraft Ghost desk. 32 channels, 72 inputs.

SADiE 6 digital editing running on SADiE PCM4 hardware

ADAT XT, 8 tracks

Fostex D5, DAT machine.

Dynaudio BM6a monitors.

Tannoy Little Gold, monitors.

Rauch, 100W amp.

Lexicon PCM80, fabulous digital reverb with pitch change card.

Yamaha REV5, digital reverb.

Alesis QuadraVerb Plus, digital multi-effects.

Drawmer DS201, gates.

Audio Design Vocal Stresser, excellent combination of EQ, compressor, limiter and gate.

Audio Design Compex, stereo compressor/limiter/gate.

DAV Broadhurst Gardens mic amps

TLA PA2, stereo valve mic amp/DI

Aphex C, exciter.

Mics: AKG SolidTube, AKG C414, Neumann U87

Akai S5000, sampler

Proteus 2000

Oberheim Matrix 1000

Marantz, CD player.


Studio 2 equipment Please see Richard Edwards’ site for details of his ProTools setup  	A large library of sound effects and atmospheres is also available.