Studio One Hammond

Studio One is divided into four areas: - the main recording room (14’4” by 12’10”), the live room (13’5” by 10’9”) containing the grand piano as well, the control room (11’ by 9’) and the machine room / conservatory.  Both the recording rooms have direct window contact with the control room, and there is natural light in every room.  For keyboards there is a racking system in the control room which conveniently saves space.  Much of the work in Studio One involves bands playing live, and the layout, screens and directional mics combine to give excellent separation.   Real drums and acoustic instruments are actively encouraged here!  

We’ve recently installed a new headphone system giving six  individual  stereo mixes, and a video link between the main room and the piano room.

Clients often record here and take files away to finish at home.  We can supply audio files on DVD or, more efficiently, onto your hard drive or USB memory stick.