CD, Download and Vinyl Mastering

     We started out as a recording studio, but more and more clients have asked us to master their tracks, as they know that our monitoring is good.  We can work from most sources, but we prefer 24 bit files, not too compressed or limited.  Please try not to give us MP3s!

    The time taken to master an album is very variable, from three hours for something basic, (just EQ’d, perhaps compressed, start and end fades corrected and overall loudness evened out and increased) to eight  hours (heavy correction, structural editing, stray noise removal and so on).   But we will work to your budget.  As a matter of course we insert your ISRC codes and CD text to display track and artist information on computers and suitable CD players.  (Windows Media Player does not recognise CD Text without an additional program such as WMPCDText).  We can also insert ISRCs and metadata (artist, album etc) into WAV files for easy upload.

    CD masters can also be supplied as DDP image files, which can be uploaded straight to a manufacturer’s FTP site.  We check all Red Book CDR  audio masters for read errors (known as block error rate or BLER).

     Masters for download may be slightly different.  Crossfades between tracks need to be removed, and the effects of data compression considered.  

    Although we don’t cut vinyl here we often produce cutting masters based on the CD release, but with vinyl’s requirements in mind.

    Our SADiE system is the same as is used by top mastering rooms around the world.  We have a wide variety of high quality plugins and outboard equipment, and the experience necessary to bring out the best in your music.

    We are very happy for you  to attend your mastering session, and do not charge extra for this.  (We also make excellent coffee).  But many of our clients prefer to send work to us and trust us to do a very good job. We can now send you a DDP file and DDP player, so that you can easily check the CD text and ISRC codes, as well as play the CD on your computer.

   We don’t pretend to compete with Metropolis or Abbey Road, but maybe you don’t want to spend £100+ per hour?

SADiE Mastering time £30.00 per hour.

We do not charge VAT.

Gold CD-R masters £2.40